BE-ME in Fire Safety Engineering

We are launching a new programme at UQ: a BE-ME in Civil Engineering and Fire Safety Engineering.

This program combines Civil Engineering with additional study in the specialist field of Fire Safety Engineering and will equip Civil Engineering students with the necessary fundamental skills and knowledge to develop a comprehensive Fire Safety Strategy for a broad range of projects. This programme will seek accreditation of both Civil and Fire Safety Engineering disciplines.

Areas of study will include the fundamental processes governing ignition, fire growth, and the response of structures to fire. The course program will also develop the design principles required for applying fire safety engineering in the built environment.

The new courses on offer are:

  • Fire Engineering Design: Solutions for Implicit Safety (FIRE4610) – 4th year;
  • Fire Dynamics (FIRE7620) – 4th year;
  • Structural Fire Engineering (FIRE7660) – 5th year;
  • Fire Engineering Design: Explicit Quantification of Safety (FIRE7680) – 5th year;
  • Fire Dynamics Laboratory (FIRE7640) – 5th year.

In addition, to obtain the BE-ME, students will be required to take FIRE3700 (formally ENGG3700), and a eight unit Research Thesis in the area of Fire Safety Engineering.

For more information about the BE-ME, please contact: any of the civil academic advisors, Dr Cristian Maluk, Dr Angus Law, or Professor Jose Torero. Alternatively, you can review the full course profiles online at the programme site.

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