QFES Live Fire Campus Visit

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The Virtual Reality Rose Theatre Model and Fire Safety Icarus team consisting of Jess Yim, Annabel Liu, Yash Kamal, Imad Shraim, Kevin Plascencia, and Tam Do, and Dr Kevin Sevilla recently visited the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Live Fire Campus to learn about fire safety from the men and women who train the firefighters themselves. Andrea Lawton, Alexander Nicolaidis, Harry Wall, and Dr Cristian Maluk from the FIRELABUQ also came along for the visit.

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The day began with a basic explanation of combustion and the factors needed in order for fire to occur. Using a scaled model, students were introduced to a variety of scenarios that highlighted the necessary balance between oxygen, gas, and an ignition source. Through a series of demonstrations students were able to view the dangers of fire and more greatly appreciate the knowledge that firefighters must have in order perform their job safely.

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After the first demonstrations, students were lead outside to view the dangers of compressed gas containers. During this session, students were shown the dangers of compressed gas containers of various shapes and sizes, and then shown how to safely handle and work with them. In the above image students were able to see first hand the dangers of having a live fire near a compressed gas container.

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Next, students were introduced to the “Firebox”. During this set of demonstrations students learned about how firefighters assess the dangers of live fire by visually identifying the various stages of a compartment fire. The demonstrator showed how, depending on which stage the fire is at the time of entry, Fire and Emergency services set a different strategy in order to safely approach or disengage from a fire event. In addition, students learned about smoke layers, backdraft, and the hazard associated with re-ignition of a compartment fire.

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Having completed all of the scaled demonstrations, students gear up for a full-scale live fire demonstration. To help acclimate students before the live fire, breathing apparatuses and oxygen tanks were fitted and students progressed through a tour of the live fire setup.

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After the walkthrough, students suited up in full fire protection uniform and progressed through a live fire demonstration in which they experienced extreme variations in temperature, smoke point, visibility, and learned a lot about the realities of fire fighting through viewing all four stages of a live fire. In total, students spent about 30 minutes fully immersed in a live fire; learning first hand the realities and dangers of fire safety.

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Overall, students went through a once in a lifetime experience that was both exciting and educational. The students of the Icarus program will take this first-hand experience to help them more effectively design their revisions to their Rose Theatre virtual reality models to be on display in the coming months.

Posted by Kevin Sevilla.

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