New Fire Course…

We are super excited about the new fire course that we are launching this semester – FIRE4610.

Fire Engineering Design: for Solutions for Implicit Safety is a new module that will cover the fundamental basis behind fire safety design, and allow you to learn about design codes in Australia, the USA, the middle east, and the UK.

By the time you’ve finished the course you’ll be in a great position to engage with professionals in any of these counties – to understand their methods of design, and navigate the design codes. Moreover – we’ll be picking apart these codes in detail to help you understand why they are written like they are, and identify their advantages and limitations.

The class will be taught by Professor Jose Torero, Dr Cristian Maluk, and Dr Angus Law – and we will be hosting tutorial classes where you will get to work on real case studies.

Please note that this 4th year elective is open to any civil engineering student – so if you are thinking about doing the BE-ME in Civil and Fire Safety Engineering, it is a great taster of things to come.

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