Live Fire Training Campus

Last week, members from UQFire participated in a training exercise at the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Live Fire Training Campus in Whyte Island. A group of UQFire students, along with other participant engineers and undergrads, participated in real firefighters training exercise.

At UQ’s Fire Lab, we are currently conducting mid-scale compartment experiments as part of and ongoing research project. It was an incredible feeling to experience a real-scale compartment fire and appreciate all the phenomenon that we study in our experiments; “it felt like we were inside of our own experimental setup.”

For us as researchers, students and engineers it was actually unbelievable how clearly you could appreciate different behaviours and stages of the fire. Such as the smoke layer, the influence of the opening factor of the compartment, and the lack of visibility due to water evaporation when using hoses.

Despite the fact we were in a fully developed fire compartment, we were filling very safe at all moment. Instructors in Whyte Island were great in demonstrating and explaining some of their work. We also understood the importance of open communication between fire engineers, fire researchers and the fire and emergency services as to enable the discussion about the different aspects of the fire ‘problem’.

The students attending were: Carmen Gorska, Angela Solarte, Diana Casimiro, Adam Segall, and Jose Urgel (visitor from ICAI, Spain).

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