WCTE 2016

Last week I attended the World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE) in Vienna. My travel was supported by the FWPA (Forest and Wood Products Australia) travel award. Attending the 2016 WCTE meant great growth of my own understanding of the potential and challenges of modern timber structures. Now, back at UQ, I intend to continue with my MPhil research project (CFTS) and incorporate the my experience at WCTE into my work.

Attending the 2016 WCTE enabled tremendous growth of my network. Moreover, I was able to witness outstanding plenary sessions and numerous groundbreaking presentations. The School of Civil Engineering at UQ had a strong presence at the 2016 WCTE. The following UQ research outcomes were presented during the WCTE.

  • Thermally driven failure mode changes in bonded timber joints. A Nicolaidis, R Emberley, D Fernando, JL Torero.
  • Heat transfer through mass timber connections. A Lawton, R Emberley, JL Torero.
  • Delamination occurrence in engineered mass timber products at elevated temperatures. R Emberley, Z Yu, D Fernando, JL Torero.
  • Folded fabrication of FRP-timber thin-walled beams with novel non-uniform cross-sections. BJ Hansen, J Tan, JM Gattas, D Fernando M Heitzmann.
  • The use of flatwise structural properties in the design of timber-framed residential buildings. JP Stringer, A Dakin, D Fernando.

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