UQ Fire on Channel Eleven

In last Saturday’s episode of Scope (Channel Eleven), Dr Angus Law and Dr Cristian Maluk explained some of the work being carried by the UQ Fire research group. You can view the full episode in TenPlay (UQ Fire segment starts in minute 8:25).

Also, Nick McCarthy and Andrew Sturgess (Queensland Fire & Emergency Services, QFES) explained some basic concepts of bushfire behaviour and the work conducted by the Climate Research Group at the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management and the School of Civil Engineering; work supported by QFES and the Bureau of Meteorology. Segment starts in minute 16:10.

Dr Angus Law
Dr Cristian Maluk
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 12.36.34.png
Nick McCarthy and Andrew Sturgess (Queensland Fire & Emergency Services)

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