IV Fire Engineering Conference workshop, Valencia

This week Prof. José L. Torero and Dr Juan P. Hidalgo had the pleasure to attend the IV Fire Engineering Conference workshop held at the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain.

Speakers from the IV Fire Engineering Conference workshop in Valencia (2016).

This annual Spanish workshop has as main goal to gather local experts in fire safety engineering, both academics and professionals of the discipline, with the intent of opening a discussion on current methods and novel research results to be considered in practice. This fourth edition of the workshop had a special session devoted to fire safety considerations of timber in construction. Two of our academics from the Centre for Future Timber Structures (CFTS) at the University of Queensland (UQ) were invited as keynote speakers.

Prof. Torero presentation’s “Altura, Madera y Fuego en Edificaciones Modernas” (“Height, Timber, and Fire in Tall Buildings”) provided a thorough analysis of the challenges and opportunities of timber construction in modern infrastructure. Dr Hidalgo provided a detailed description of experimental methodologies used to characterise the thermal and mechanical performance of engineered timber when exposted to fire conditions, highlighting the ongoing work of the CFTS at UQ.

We would like to thank the organisation for the kind invitation to disseminate the work of our Centre.

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