UQ Fire’s Ian Pope presents bamboo research at The Planting Festival in Woodford

On Sunday 30th April, the bamboo research team within the UQ Fire Group visited The Planting festival in Woodford to give a presentation on their ongoing research projects. PhD students Ian Pope, Angela Solarte and Mateo Gutierrez showcased their work on investigating the fire performance of both round and laminated bamboo to architects, academics, farmers, manufacturers, and members of the community who are excited by the potential of bamboo structures and products.


UQ Fire was kindly invited to participate in the festival by Cave Urban architects, who are enthusiastic about the potential for future collaboration on large scale research projects at the Woodford site between their architects, the Fire Group and the Centre for Future Timber Structures at UQ, as well as other professionals working with bamboo.

Following the festival, Nici Long of Cave Urban and Arief Rabik of Indobamboo were invited to visit UQ for a tour of the facilities within the Fire Lab and the Timber Centre, along with other academics and associated industry partners, to discuss the capability of UQ to advance the use of bamboo in design.

Fire lab

Group photo


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