UQ – SFPE Brisbane City Hall visit

Last Thursday 25th of May, the UQ-SFPE Student Chapter visited Brisbane City Hall, a heritage building constructed between 1920 – 1930. Hosted by Blair Stratton and Chris Lee from RED Fire Engineers and City Hall’s Facilities Manager Rob Schomberg, the group had privileged access to function rooms and behind-the-stage areas, which are seldom available for visitors.

During the one-hour tour, Mr. Stratton explained the challenges that he as a fire engineer went through during the process of design and implementation of the building’s refurbishment, which was successfully culminated in April 2013. Students were able to learn first-hand about the new fire safety strategy of the building, and the overall decisions an engineer must make in order to achieve a fire safe structure while preserving its historic legacy and relevance.

Among the fire safety features of the facilities, Mr. Stratton and Mr. Schomberg described the sprinkler system, hidden among the decorations of the ceiling; the insulation materials used in ducts, slabs and walls; and the advanced technology detection system and control panel.

Brisbane City Hall tour 1

The UQ-SFPE Student Chapter extends its gratitude to RED Fire Engineers and Brisbane City Hall, specially Blair, Chris and Rob for their time and kindness in providing such a valuable illustration of fire engineering put into practice.

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