UQ Fire at the EAIT Postgraduate Conference (EPC) 2017

UQ Fire students presented their work at the EAIT Postgraduate Conference (EPC) 2017 (6th June). This year the theme of the conference was Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The event encouraged students to share novel solutions in complex research problems, broadening their understanding of global challenges and at the same time fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

EPC 2017 helped to highlight innovative ideas that address social and environmental needs while inspiring entrepreneurship that can lead to new industries. Issues related to fire safety engineering and structural fire performance were presented under “Designing smart communities” sub-theme.

PhD student Mateo Gutiérrez presented the poster entitled Bamboo compressive strength at elevated temperatures and IMFSE student Nemer Abusamha (on behalf of the PhD student Andrea Lucherini) presented the work entitled Investigating the Activation of Thin Intumescent Coatings.

During the poster session, UQ Fire students had the opportunity to share with other postgraduate students and academics from other schools and were able to share the main objectives and goals of their research. At the end of the day, there was a networking session where UQ Fire members were able to get involved with practitioners and academics. EPC 2017 was sponsored by Seam Coal Gas Center, the Dow Center for Sustainable Engineering, Powerlink and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; delivering awards across numerous areas and categories.



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