UQ Fire delegates at IFireSS 2017

Last week UQ Fire delegates attended the 2nd International Fire Safety Symposium at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, organised by the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture and the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction. The Symposium was held at the Federico II Convention Center and it lasted for three days, 7th – 9th June 2017.

The Symposium aimed at collecting and disseminating the advanced results of scientific researches concerning fire safety. It represented an opportunity to share research, technology and expertise among peers in an international forum. The workshop was addressed at the International scientific community but also at the most advanced industrial and professional representatives, in order to inspire the debate on critical issues concerning Fire Safety Engineering.

UQ Fire delegates presented the most recent research outcomes and ongoing projects at The University of Queensland.

Dr Richard Emberley presented research on smoke visibility that was completed as a collaboration between UQ and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). The objective of the study was to compare visibility measured with industry standard and purpose-built opacimeters against perceived visibility by breathing apparatus (BA) wearing occupants within the smoke filled compartment and occupants looking into the compartment. The study highlighted the necessity to include factors of safety when using visibility as performance criteria.

Paper info: Richard Emberley, Jeronimo Carrascal, Angus Law, Alexander Nicolaidis, Andrea Lawton, Michael Conway, and Jose L. Torero (2017). A Comparison of Perceived and Measured Visibility in a Smoke Filled Corridor. 2nd International Fire Safety Symposium (IFireSS), Naples, Italy, June 2017.


Mr Andrea Lucherini described the new fire test apparatus assembled in the Fire Laboratory of The University of Queensland. The novel fire test method was designed to investigate effectiveness of thin intumescent coatings under different fire conditions. In addition, Mr Lucherini presented the initial research outcomes on an investigation on the swelling activation of thin intumescent coatings under a range of heating conditions.

Paper info: Andrea Lucherini and Cristian Maluk (2017). Novel test methods for studying the fire performance of thin intumescent coatings. 2nd International Fire Safety Symposium (IFireSS), Naples, Italy, June 2017.


Mrs Carmen Gorska presented her ongoing research focused on the criteria of self-extinguishment of cross-laminated timber. Her studies aim to understand how to apply these criteria when exposed timber walls are present in a compartment fire. She presented her results on the critical external heat flux for self-extinguishment and the uncertainties of using this criterion in compartment fires.

Paper info: Carmen Gorska Putynska, Juan P. Hidalgo, and Jose L. Torero (2017). An Experimental Study of Medium-scale Compartment Fire Tests with Exposed Cross Laminated Timber 2nd International Fire Safety Symposium (IFireSS), Naples, Italy, June 2017.


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