UQ Fire delegates at IAFSS 2017

UQ Fire attended the 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) held at Lund University on June 12-16, 2017.


Richard Emberley, Tam Do, Jessica Yim, and Jose L. Torero (2017). Critical Heat Flux and Mass Loss Rate for Extinction of Flaming Combustion of Timber.

Cristian Maluk (2017). Motivation, drivers and barriers for a knowledge-based test environment in structural fire safety engineering science. IAFSS Best Thesis Award (see below)

Richard Emberley, Carmen Gorska Putynska, Aaron Bolanos, Andrea Lucherini, Angela Solarte, Diana Soriguer, Mateo Gutierrez Gonzalez, Kathryn Humphreys, Juan P. Hidalgo, Cristian Maluk, Angus Law, and Jose L. Torero (2017). Description of small and large-scale cross laminated timber fire tests.

Cristian Maluk, Benjamin Linnan, Andy Wong, Juan P. Hidalgo, Jose L. Torero, Cecilia Abecassis-Empis, and Adam Cowlard (2017). Energy distribution analysis in full-scale open floor plan enclosure fires.

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Aaron Bolanos, Gerardo Soret, Cristian Maluk and Jose L. Torero (2017). Fire and Structural Performance of Structural Insulated Panels.

Carmen Gorska Putynska, Juan P. Hidalgo, and Jose L. Torero (2017). Self-extinguishment of Exposed Cross Laminated Timber Walls in Compartment FiresIAFSS Best Poster Award (see below)

Ian Pope, Angela Solarte, Jose L. Torero, Cristian Maluk, and Juan P. Hidalgo (2017). Studies on the Fire Performance Laminated Bamboo.

Mateo Gutierrez, Joshua Madden, and Cristian Maluk (2017). Experimental studies of bamboo compressive strength at elevated temperature.

Andrea Lucherini, Nemer Abosamha, and Cristian Maluk (2017). Investigating the activation of thin intumescent coatings

Diana Soriguer, Jose L. Torero and Juan P. Hidalgo (2017). Tailoring Improved Fire Performance of Laminated Veneer Lumber through Flammability Characterization.


Carmen Gorska Putynska was awarded with the IAFSS Best Poster Award and Cristian Maluk was presented with the IAFSS Best Thesis Award.

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The UQ Fire team enjoyed the great networking events organised by the host. We thank the Lund University and IAFSS for organising a successful Symposium. We look forward to 2020 IAFSS at The University of Waterloo.

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