UQ Winter Graduation Ceremony 2017

Yesterday, 21th of July, our 2016 cohort from the Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety Engineering celebrated their graduation at The University of Queensland.

UQ Fire would like to congratulate Michael L. Beck, Jeremy D. Dowling, Robert A. Efimenko, Heyden G. Healey, Steven Horvath, Paul R. Owens, and Terence P. Penrose for their success graduating from this programme and wish him the best in their careers in the Fire Service.


From left to right: Terence Penrose, Heyden Healy, Steven Horvath Dr Juan Hidalgo, Michael L. Beck, and Robert Efimenko (July 2017)

The Graduate Certificate in Fire Safety Engineering is an 8-unit programme Graduate Certificate that has been developed with (and tailored to) the needs of the Australian Fire Services. The three-week intensive programme provides the opportunity for professionals in fire safety to broaden their knowledge, skills and practice – and to develop their careers.

The Graduate Certificate introduces core concepts in the assessment and delivery of a fire safety strategy, together with emerging directions and innovative practices. Students also complete an “in work” project that allows them to develop and apply their new knowledge and skills in a practical environment and under the mentorship of academic staff.


Graduate Certificate students, staff lecturers (Prof. Jose L. Torero, Dr Cristian Maluk, and Dr Juan Hidalgo), QFES guest lecturers (Michael Conway and Ted Simmonds), tutors (Dr Richard Emberley, Angela Solarte, and Juan Cuevas) in the Structures Lab at The University of Queensland
(November 2016)

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