SFPE Seminar: The Grenfell and Lacrosse Fires

SFPE UQ Student Chapter had the visit of Mr. Peter Johnson from ARUP, last Tuesday, August 22.  He presented the seminar titled: “The Grenfell and Lacrosse Fires – Implications for Fire Safety in Australia”.  Throughout this seminar, Mr. Johnson shared about the similarities and differences between the London Grenfell Building Fire and the Melbourne Lacrosse Building Fire, and the different regulatory regimes that drove fire safety designs.


This presentation led to discussions about the status of current government inquiries around Australia into building facades and non‐conforming products, and the wider issues of professional competence, certification and inspections, and its effect on the quality of buildings and the fire risks.


SFPE UQ Student Chapter wants to thank Mr. Johnson for sharing with us, and the School of Civil Engineering for sponsoring with food and drinks to enable the networking and relevant discussions. We had attendance for various students from UQ -School of Civil Engineering, and from Industry professionals from Red Fire Engineers, Holmes Fire, Omnii Consulting Fire Engineers and Arup.


If you are interested in joining, or have any questions, we will be more than happy to hear from you! Contact Angela Solarte, Aaron Bolanos, Andy Wong, or Brendan Garvey.

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