Margaret Law

Not enough can be said about the countless contributions lead by Prof Margaret Law in areas related to contemporary fire safety science and engineering practice. Rest in peace Prof Margaret Law.

Image below showing the front cover of the 1952 Fire Research Station Annual Report featuring Prof Law. This was her first year as a fire researcher and the picture shows Prof Law carrying out experiments on the ignition of wood.


Margaret Law 1952

3 thoughts on “Margaret Law

  1. I am an engineering historian specialising in the stories of women engineers. I would be keen to assemble a full biographical note about Professor Law, her family background, early career etc. Do you know who might be able to help me with that?


  2. Hi, I want to use that image of the 1952 Fire Research report. Do you have a higher resolution version you could let me have, for a conference paper. It is well out of copyright now.
    Nina Baker


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