New MEngSc in Fire Safety Engineering

The new Master of Engineering Science in Fire Safety Engineering (1.5-year) covers key engineering and science courses. This program equips students with the necessary fundamental skills and knowledge to develop comprehensive Fire Safety Strategies for a broad range of projects.

The first run of the MEngSc begins on Semester #1 2018 (19th February). Applications for the program close 21st January 2018.

For more information contact Dr Cristian Maluk,

The program also covers 8 units of courses in other engineering disciplines. In addition, during semesters 2 and 3, students will be required to take a 4-unit Research Thesis in the area of Fire Safety Engineering (FIRE7511). The MEngSc (Fire Safety Engineering) information and outline is available here. The compulsory Fire Courses in the MEngSc are:

Semester #1

  • Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering (FIRE7600)
  • Fire Engineering Design: Solutions for Implicit Safety (FIRE7610)

Semester #2

  • Fire Dynamics (FIRE7620)
  • Fire Engineering Design: Explicit Quantification of Safety (FIRE7680)

Semester #3


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