Bamboo shipment fuels research

This week there was an unusual tension in the Structures Lab at The University of Queensland as UQ Fire prepared things for the arrival of engineered, laminated bamboo. PhD candidates Mateo GutierrezAngela Solarte and Ian Pope led major efforts to obtain the shipment of over 2 tons of structural bamboo test samples; from bench-scale samples for testing using the cone calorimeter, all the way to 2.4m long slabs to investigate structural stability of a load-bearing bamboo floor system. The shipment also contained a large amount of bamboo strips for future fabrication of bamboo-based prototype systems at The University of Queensland.

Their research projects are looking into the future of the bamboo industry; tackling fire safety challenges associated with the wide use of bamboo in the built environment. Their work is focused in two main areas of research: (1) thermal characterization of laminated bamboo and strand woven bamboo, and (2) structural fire performance of modern bamboo structures. We hope that this work will lead to a better understanding of the fire performance of bamboo use in the built environment for structural and non-structural applications.

Within a philanthropic agreement to promote the wider use of bamboo, fabrication of the laminated bamboo taken by MOSO International, pioneers in fabrication of innovative bamboo solutions.

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