SFPE Europe Magazine

A summary article regarding the research on compartment fires at The University of Queensland, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Maryland has recently been published in the 8th Issue of the SFPE Europe magazine.

This article provides an overview and background information of the research on compartment fires at UQ, covering from the ‘Compartment Fire Framework’ developed by the pioneers of our discipline through the recent full-scale tests developed by the University of Edinburgh at the BRE (UK) and in Malveira (Portugal) for the ‘Real Fires for the Safe Design of Tall Buildings’ (RFSDTB) project in 2013 and 2014.

UQ Fire is glad to continue supporting the SFPE activities and we hope to continue spreading the news about our research in this online magazine.

To access our recent article use the following link.

To access the SFPE Europe magazine use the following link.

Check some featured images from the RFSDTB project below.

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