Passive Fire: Design and Compliance

SFPE UQ Student Chapter kick started events for 2018 with the presence of Mr. Per Olsson, Group CEO, and founder of Olsson Fire & Risk, an internationally renowned fire-engineering consultancy and design firm.

His presentation covered various topics that challenges the fire engineering industry in the present day, such as exposed timber designs and testings and fires in facades claddings. He also shared with us an overview of the different variables that need to be taken in consideration for the application of intumescent coating in structures.


Finally, he presented various examples of projects that did not complied with the fire passive systems and insisted on the importance of the third party checks and commissioning process.


His presentation led to discussions of the issues related to about the status of current government process of Australia’s building certification, timber testings, and the wider issues of professional competence, and its effect on the quality of buildings and the fire risks.


SFPE UQ Student Chapter wants to thank Mr. Olsson for sharing with us. Please if you are interested in joining, or have any questions, we will be more than happy to hear from you! Contact Angela SolarteAaron BolanosAndy Wong, or Brendan Garvey.

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