SFPE features UQ Fire article

The research from Vinny Gupta and Jaime Cadena, PhD students at UQ Fire, on the characterisation of large open-floor plan compartment fires and uncertainty in the use of CFD tools to analyse fully-developed compartment fires has been recently highlighted by the SFPE.

On April 23-27, Vinny will be attending the 12th International Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods Conference hosted in Honolulu, Oahu. Vinny will be presenting “Accounting for Uncertainty in Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Fully-Developed Compartment Fires”. This study presents a tightly-controlled look into the applicability and key uncertainties of CFD tools for “post-flashover” compartment fires that are ventilation-restricted, well-ventilated, and a combination of the two for a variety of design fire sizes.

For further information, have a look at the article LACK OF RESEARCH IN LARGE OPEN-FLOOR FIRES IS CONCERNING.

We are looking forward to the presentation of this work developed by Vinny and Jaime for the SFPE18 International Conference.

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