Industry collaboration awarded at SiF 2018

The paper presented by Dr Maluk, describes the outcomes of a collaborative R&D project between The University of Queensland and Elasto Plastic Concrete Pty Ltd. The paper was awarded the Best Poster Award at the 10th International Conference on Structure in Fire (SiF), recently held in Belfast, UK.


Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete – Presence of synthetic macro fibres after fire

Cristian Maluk, Todd Clarke, and Andrew Ridout


“The performance of concrete tunnel linings during and after fire is a key component in the fire safe design of a tunnel. Recent innovations in the concrete tunnel industry have resulted in the inclusion of macro synthetic fibres in shotcrete. The fire performance of shotcrete, during and after a fire event, incorporating macro synthetic fibres must be understood before these can be used with confidence in tunnel situations where rapid growing, long-duration fires can occur. Within the scope of this study, a Heat-Transfer Rate Inducing System (H-TRIS) test method was used for controlling the thermal boundary conditions at the exposed surface of tested concrete samples. The heating conditions imposed using H-TRIS were equivalent to those experienced, under idealised conditions, during a standard furnace test controlled with the Hydrocarbon curve. A comprehensive experimental study was performed to investigate (1) the occurrence of fire-induced concrete spalling, (2) the presence of macro fibres after heating, and (3) residual compressive and splitting tensile strength of concrete after heating. Test results evidenced the capacity of macro fibres to remain intact for depths at which temperature remain lower than 300°C; for these specific test samples under tested under these specific thermal conditions.”




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