World Conference on Timber Engineering, Seoul 2018

From the 19th -23rd August, UQ Fire had the opportunity to attend the World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2018) held in the CEOX Convention Center, in Seoul, Korea. The WCTE is the most prestigious international event in timber engineering, engineered wood products and design of timber structures, which is held biennially in different parts of the world.

This year, the conference theme was “AGAIN, GOLDEN ERA OF TIMBER” and the main topics addressed during the event were material properties, connections, building performance and management, tall wood buildings, environmental impact and energy, traditional and historic structures and Education and future trends.

On the Tuesday 21st August, PhD Students Mateo Gutierrez and Angela Solarte presented their work related to the fire performance of bamboo, in a session dedicated exclusively to the use of bamboo as a structural material. The title of their presentations were “Experimental Study on Compressive and Tensile Strength of Bamboo at Elevated Temperatures” and “Flammability Studies for the Design of Fire-Safe Bamboo Structures”, respectively.

On the session called engineered wood products II, Dr Andres Osorio, Lecturer in Fire Safety Engineering, presented the work entitled “Enhancing the Fire Performance of Engineered Mass Timber and its Implications to the Fire Safety Strategy” developed in collaboration with Dr Juan P. Hidalgo from UQ Fire and Dr Philip D. Evans from the University of British Columbia.

Finally, on the Wednesday 22nd August, Mr Harrison Wall, recently graduated from the ME-BE program at the University of Queensland, gave a talk called “Fire Performance of a Glulam-FRP Composite – Proof of Concept” where he showed some of the outcomes from his research developed during his master degree.

This was also an opportunity for other members from the Centre of future timber structures at The University of Queensland to display their work on timber construction. Dr Rob Foster offered a presentation about “Formal Classification of Timber as a Material of Tall Building Design”, and Dr Dilum Fernando and PhD Student Li Min, presented a poster regarding their research work on “HFT Thin-Walled Members”. Pictures, full program, and some additional material can be checked at the conference Website.

Besides presenting their work, UQ Fire members had the opportunity to meet and share with other colleagues from many different universities and institutions around the world, and learn a bit more about the work developed by other researchers on fire safety of timber structures and recent develops on timber engineering. We look forward to presenting more research outcomes in the next version of this event in 2020 in Santiago, Chile, when the conference will be held for the first time in Latin America.

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