MPhil/PhD Scholarship on Facades Fire Safety

We are glad to announce that the application process for an MPhil/PhD position in the area of facades fire safety at the Fire Safety Engineering Research group at UQ is now open.

This project aims at developing a conservative, yet robust framework to assess the external fire spread hazard of façade systems used in tall building design. The methodology consists of developing an intermediate-scale testing method that can be used to build up fundamental flammability properties from system components and other crucial façade features. Experimental work within the scope of this project will be carried in the state of the art Fire Laboratory at The University of Queensland.

The scholarship consists of $27,596 per annum (2019 rate), indexed annually, tax-free for three years with the possibility of two 6-month extensions in approved circumstances. The project is expected to start in RQ1 (1-14 Jan).

Application and further details regarding the Scholarship and the project can be found here.

If interested in knowing more about the project and the research group, please contact Dr Juan P. Hidalgo (



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