WoodSolutions Educator- Industry Workshop

Last 15th and 16th of November took place the 2018 WoodSolutions Educator-Industry Workshop held at Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus).

The two-day workshop organised by WoodSolutions brought together main industry, academics and researchers working on the timber engineering in Australia. Dr Juan P. Hidalgo from UQ Fire with Dr Paola Leardini and Dr Dilum Fernando from The University of Queensland had the opportunity to represent the Centre for Future Timber Structures, along with representatives of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Dr Henri Bailleres, Dr Rob McGavin and Dr Tim Smith).

The workshop was structured in the following sessions, which targeted at different objectives:

  • S1: WoodSolutions Educational Resources and Teaching of Timber Structures. This session, facilitated by Eileen Newbury and Boris Iskra, had as objective to identify and document needs for future timber educational resources.
  • S2: Industry – New Opportunites, Innovations and Challenges in Timber System Construction. This session consisted of a series of presentations from industry (Basil Richardson from Bates Smart, Karl-Heinz Weiss from Lend Lease, and Paul Kremer from XLam) and a group discussion targeted at identifying how educators and industry can better work together to advance the knowledge and understanding of timber construction.
  • S3: University R&D – Current Research Interests and Pathways for Collaboration. This session included short presentations from University representatives and from the ARC Research Hub and Centres activities focused on timber.
  • S4: Identifying Future Educational and Research: Opportunities, Collaboration, & Expertise Sharing. This session, facilitated by Keith Crews, had as objective to identify how educators and industry can better work together to coordinate and deliver effective and timely R&D activities.

Dr Juan P. Hidalgo had the opportunity to present the research developed by the UQ Fire Safety Engineering Research Group under the umbrella of the ARC Future Timber Hub.

We would like to thank WoodSolutions for allowing us to contribute to these events aiming at pushing for a better collaboration between academia and industry working on timber engineering.

WS-Workshop picture

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