Summer Internship (Arup, Melbourne)

We have had the great experience of working in the Fire Engineering team at Arup in Melbourne for a 3-month placement and we’d love to tell you more all about it.

As civil engineering students  at UQ our main exposure to fire engineering had been FIRE3700 which helped immensely in providing a solid background and understanding for the work we took at Arup. Although most of the work we encountered dealt with new and complex concepts, we felt like we had a good grasp of the fundamentals.

Working for a large, multidisciplinary company like Arup was excellent for getting experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines. We were strongly encouraged to get involved with other teams we were interested, which could helped us experience the wide practicing areas covered by engineers in the office. We used this to inform ourselves into which path our careers could take after completing our degrees at UQ – ultimately what vacation work is all about. We had experience with various kinds of engineering softwares and fire/smoke modelling programs. We spent a lot of time delving into the Building Code of Australia, and learning how to write fire engineering reports and even fee proposals.

Having a chance to work and live in Melbourne daunting at first (especially trying to navigate trams!) but very rewarding. The social culture at Arup definitely helped with this transition as well, as there were often activities organised after work, and day trips/hikes on the weekend.

The fire program has definitely had its challenges but it has been incredible to be exposed to fire engineering in such a practical way. We now look forward to FIRE4610 and continue to expand our education in Fire Safety Engineering at UQ.

Tess Van Der Veen and Ambrosine Hartl 
Fire Safety Engineering Summer Interns
Arup, Melbourne







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