Dr Carlo Paneni

We are pleased to announce that Dr Carlo Paneni was awarded the Master of Philosophy degree at The University of Queensland. The thesis project supervised by Prof Jose Torero (now at University College London), Dr Cristian Maluk, and Dr Angus Law (now at The University of Edinburgh) is entitled “Development of Fire Engineering Solutions for Modular Construction”. Congratulations on this accomplishment!

Dr Carlo Paneni is the Technical Engineering Services Lead at Ausco Modular

Traditionally, the modular construction industry addresses fire safety considerations by means of direct compliance to building codes. However, currently available building codes were not conceived for addressing the particular design constraints encountered in modular construction. Hence fire safety solutions in modular construction are inevitably suboptimal in regards to performance and cost. The aim of the Carlo’s work was to develop a tailored fire engineering solutions for modular construction on the basis of knowledge based methods. The developed technology requires features that depart from conventional in-situ construction technologies, in order to cater for the transportation challenges that are exclusive to modular manufacture. Fire testing is not currently available for such systems. Hence experiments were conducted to validate the performance of such modular building elements in a fire. Preliminary analysis conducted so far in the course of this project has shown the benefits of a performance based approach in comparison to the prescriptive code compliance method: such benefits are in economic terms and from the life safety aspect.

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