New PhD opportunities

We are offering two new scholarships for joint PhDs between The University of Queensland and IIT Delhi (UQIDAR). This is a great opportunity to get a joint PhD degree between two universities with a combined high strength in Fire Safety Engineering and Structural Engineering. Information on the two offered topics and the supervising teams is shown below.

Life-Cycle Risk Assessment of RC Structures under Earthquake and Fire

Dr David Lange (UQ), Prof. Vasant Matsagar (IIT Delhi), Dr Cristian Maluk (UQ)

Novel hybrid testing for studying seismic and fire behaviour of beam-column joints in reinforced concrete structures

Dr Cristian Maluk (UQ), A/Prof. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo (IIT Delhi), Prof. Asif Usmani (Hong Kong Polytechnic), Dr David Lange (UQ)

Check your eligibility and complete your application here. Successful candidates accepted into the program may be eligible for completing the 1st year at UQ, the 2nd year at IIT Delhi, and the rest of his/her PhD back at UQ; or the other way around.

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