The Malveira Fire Test

We are glad to announce that our paper The Malveira fire test: Full-scale demonstration of fire modes in open-plan compartments has been published online in Fire Safety Journal. The paper can be accessed online for free using this link until 24 July 2019.

This paper presents the characterisation of the fire dynamics in the Large-Scale Demonstrator Malveira Fire Test developed in Portugal in 2014. The Malveira Fire Test is the second stage in the series of full-scale experimental programmes developed for the Real Fires for the Safe Design of Tall Buildings project at the University of Edinburgh. This work is the result of the effort of many individuals from the experimental design and execution at the University of Edinburgh to a thorough analysis of the results by our graduate student Tristan Goode during his Master thesis and our PhD student Vinny Gupta.


Accelerated footage of the Malveira Fire Test

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Experimental set-up

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