ASFE 2019 Singapore

Abdulrahman Zaben and Quang Le attended the 6th International Conference on Applications of Structural Fire Engineering (ASFE’19) at Nanyang University of Technologies, Singapore. ASFE brings together experts and specialists in design against fire from all over the world to share ideas and to acquire knowledge in the field of structural fire engineering, with a view to promote performance-based approaches to the design of structures for fire resistance.

With a focus on the application of design methods for structures to resist fire, the themes of this conference covered fire modelling, simulation of the heat transfer between fire and structures, and modelling of structural behaviour at elevated temperatures using numerical methods or software implementations of design codes. The case studies involved applications of performance-based structural fire safety design, as well as new research studies on the relationships between experimental findings and calculation methods and FE simulations etc.

Abdulrahman Zaben presented his paper titled Effects of Charring for Prototype Composite FRP Timber-Glulam Beam. This presentation showcased the research in the first year of his PhD at UQ fire group: a soft timber Glulam beam reinforced with a layer of CFRP sheet has increased flexural capacity and stiffness after thermal exposure. img_20190613_161201.jpg

Quang Le presented his experimental study on performance of profiled composite wall at elevated temperatures. His work aims to understand effects of different compressive loads, eccentricities and incident heat flux levels, bridging the gap in design and analysis process of PCW at high temperature.


During the closing ceremony of the ASFE conference, the NTU host Professor Kang Hai Tan kindly introduced to the audience the upcoming Structure in Fire (SiF) Conference to be held at The University of Queensland in 2020. The UQ fire group looks forward to welcoming your attendance.


The Regency Steel Asia (RSA) Symposium was held in the Nanyang Auditorium a day prior to the ASFE conference. We were pleased to see our UQ award-winning hybrid fibreglass-concrete-steel bridge featured in the presentation “The Impact of Composite Construction on Height, Form and the Future” by Dr Craig Gibbons, an ARUP fellow.


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