SFS seminar: Fire safety design for timber buildings

Last Wednesday 9th June, Dr Juan Hidalgo from UQ Fire presented at the bi-monthly technical seminar organised by NSW Chapter Committee of Society of Fire Safety and hosted in the Engineers Australia Sydney’s auditorium.

The SFS seminar focused on the fire safety design of timber buildings. Mass timber construction is becoming the emerging norm for modern infrastructure due to the numerous benefits of engineered timber structures. Nevertheless, timber is a combustible material and as such it poses a fire hazard to be explicitly considered in the design of the building.

Based on his previous research at the University of Edinburgh and the ongoing research activities at the ARC Future Timber Hub at The University of Queensland (UQ), Dr Hidalgo presented an overview of the fire safety design challenges of mass timber construction. He also highlighted the importance of a performance-based design (quantitative) framework that enables the fire-safe use of timber in mid- and high-rise buildings.

Robert Dixon (ARUP) and Dr Ali Habibi (Northrop Consulting Engineers) also presented in this seminar. Robert Dixon highlighted the considerations for designing timber buildings from a fire engineering practice point of view. Dr Habibi focused on the structural design of timber structures.

We would like to thank SFS for giving us the chance to present our ongoing research in this area.

SFS seminar

Dr Habibi, Dr Hidalgo and Dixon presenting at SFS. Image source: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6547706882717552641/



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