5th Pacific Timber Engineering Conference

The 5th Pacific Timber Engineering Conference (PTEC) aims to provide a forum for industry and both young and experienced academics, practitioners, researchers, and research students in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere in the world, to share the latest developments in research and application of timber in construction. UQ Fire attended in mass, represented by the following speakers:

Aidon Browning (Holmes Fire L.P)
The Effect of Fuel Load Nature on the Self-Extinction of Mass Timber

Juan I. Cuevas
Challenges in the use of Bench-Scale Fire Testing as a Design Tool

Carmen Gorska
Self-Extinguishment of Cross-Laminated Timber in the Context of Compartment Fires

Mateo Gutierrez
Mechanical response of engineered bamboo at elevated temperatures

Gabrielle K. Hodge (supervised by Joe Gattas)
Computational design of glued laminated timber trusses: a comparison of Australian Standard and Eurocode fire safety design implementations.

Ian Pope
Effect of Grain Orientation on Heating and Charring of Laminated Bamboo Structures under Fire Conditions

Samia Razzaque (Permax Australia)
Intumescent Coatings on Timber – Exploring what is it actually doing?

Hangyu Xu
Exploring the self-extinguishment mechanism of engineered timber in full-scale compartment fires: Design of Full-Scale Experiments and Preliminary Results

Abdulrahman Zaben
Fire performance of a prototype Timber-FRP hybrid Glulam beam

Cristian Maluk
Can we use inverse cause-consequence analyses for the fire safe engineering design of load-bearing timber structures?

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