interflam 2019

Earlier this month, work from UQFire was presented at Interflam 2019. Since 1979, this Interflam brings together engineers, scientists, practitioners and regulators from around the globe to hear the latest state of the art science and engineering practice.

UQ Fire presented the following work:

  • Effects of Thermal Conditions of Steel on the Fire Performance of Thin Intumescent Coatings – Andrea Lucherini, Jose L. Torero, and Cristian Maluk
  • Thermal Behaviour of Laminated Bamboo Structures under Fire Conditions – Ian Pope, Andres Osorio, Juan Hidalgo, Cristian Maluk, and Jose L. Torero
  • Exploring the influence of Stress and Heating Conditions on the Occurrence of Fire-Induced Concrete Spalling – Andrei Lazouski, David Lange, and Cristian Maluk
  • Experimental Methodology to Study the Fire Contribution of Cladding Materials – Juan Hidalgo, B Garvey, J Ogilvie, Jeronimo Carrascal, David Lange, Cristian Maluk, Martyn McLaggan, Andres Osorio, and Jose L Torero


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