International Bamboo Construction Competition

The International Bamboo Construction Competition (IBCC 2019) was aimed at university students of architecture, civil engineering, other construction-related courses to explore the potential construction applications for both bamboo poles and engineered bamboo products. The prototype should be designed to be a multi-functional building with a construction area of 9 m2, to operate as an office, warehouse, educational space or relaxation suite such as drink corner. The building should be easily demountable, transportable and reusable.

UQ Fire PhD Candidate Mateo Gutierrez, joined Architect and PhD candidate, Harry Mills, from the School of Civil engineering, and Mr Hamish Buchhorn, Master Student from The School of Architecture, to represent UQ in this competition. Mr Kim Baber was the project’s supervisor. Their proposal called “The Ternary Shed” was selected as one of the 15 finalists out of 70 designs from 12 countries submitted online in the mid of May.

On the 19th July, they presented their design to a jury of 23 experts, including representatives from INBAR, industry and academia. After they gave an oral presentation and presented a physical model of The Pavilion, they were awarded the third prize.

To check their submission and the submission of the other 15 finalists, please visit the IBCC 2019 website. Pictures from the final competition in the INBAR pavilion at the Beijing Expo 2019 can also be checked here.

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