Warren Centre project on Fire Safety Engineering

The Warren Centre for advanced engineering at the University of Sydney has great significance in fire safety engineering. The first fire safety engineering project was the first in a chain of events that led to the introduction of the performance based building regulations for fire in Australia in the late 1990’s.

Over the past year, in response to a growing need for professionalization of fire safety engineering, the Warren Centre has been leading a new project in fire safety. This project has to date produced three reports: the Education report; the Regulation, Control and Accreditation report; and the Methods report. UQ Fire has been very privileged in making a major contribution to this research, having co-authored both the Education and the Methods report.

The first of these two reports discuss the current educational systems and the process for accreditation of fire safety engineers both here in Australia and abroad. The report makes a case for reviewing the skills and competencies expected of a fire safety engineer for today’s market, as well as for consistent and stronger accreditation of practitioners.

The Methods report discussed the utility and benefit of the International Fire Engineering Guidelines, verification methods for fire safety, and practice notes issued by professional societies. In order to do this, the report revisits the design process from a fundamental perspective, discussing the current regulatory framework and how these different documents fit into this.

All three of these reports, as well as future reports from this project, can be downloaded from the Warren Centre’s website, here.

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