Sixth 2019 SFPE Seminar: The Warren Centre Project

Last Thursday 19th of September, the SFPE-UQ Student Chapter welcomed back long-time collaborator and friend Peter Johnson (ARUP), who together with UQFire’s own Dr David Lange, provided an update on the findings and conclusions derived from the project “Professionalising Fire Safety Engineering” carried out by the Warren Centre.


The seminar raised great interest on Brisbane’s fire engineering community and created a remarkable opportunity for an interchange of ideas in relation to the general aim and path of current practice. The discussion was centered on the state of regulatory controls, as well as the supply and demand of educational programmes and the use of available engineering methods. It was wrapped up by introducing a proposal for the future roles of fire engineers.


Gathering a great turnout, the event also constituted an opportunity for our younger members and current undergrad students to interact with consolidated professionals in a relaxed environment. Our chapter would like to thank once again Peter and David for their profound insights and extends a warm invitation to attend our upcoming seminars. Please contact PhD students Jaime CadenaVinny Gupta, Angela Solarte or Aaron Bolanos for further information.

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