4th edition “External Fire Spread Risk in Tall Building Design” CPD

We are pleased to announce our 4th edition of the Continuing Professional Development course “External Fire Spread Risk in Tall Building Design” which is being held at The University of Queensland on the 20 to 24 April 2020.

We invite all fire safety engineer professionals interested in upskilling their knowledge in external fire spread risk to join us for this 5-day continuing professional development course. The purpose of this course is to provide practising engineers with specialist knowledge to address the fire safety strategy of buildings and understand the implications of using combustible cladding products.

 The course is strongly recommended for engineers working on the Queensland’s Safer Buildings process and engineers addressing or reviewing the fire safety risk assessment of buildings that include combustible cladding. This is also a required course for an adequate use and interpretation of the recently released Cladding Materials Library.

The course uses a combination of lectures, laboratory sessions, and case studies to deliver a comprehensive review of the fire safety strategy, the fire performance of cladding systems, and the implications of potentially combustible cladding products such as aluminium composite panels or insulation materials to the fire safety strategy of buildings. This course programme has been developed in close collaboration between The University of Queensland (Australia), The University of Edinburgh (UK), and University College London (UK). 

For more information, please download the flyer below.  We encourage you to please share the flyer with those who may also be interested. You can learn more about this course by visiting our website. To register, please send this application form and a CV to uqfirecpd@civil.uq.edu.au.

Flyer - CPD External Fire Spread Risk for Tall Building Design - 4th Edition_Page_1

The 5-day course rate is $4,000 per person, not including GST (early bird rate). Standard rate after the early bird is $5,000 per person. Group bookings of 2 or 3 people are eligible for a discounted rate of $4,000 and $3,500 per person, respectively.


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