APFIS 2019

Written by Abdulrahman Zaben.

The seventh Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures (APFIS-2019) took place in Gold Cost, Australia last week. The conference aims to provide a forum for academics, researchers, practitioners and industry in the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere in the world, to share the latest developments in research and application of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites in the built environment. UQ Fire was represented by Bernabe Solis and Abdulrahman Zaben where Bernabe presented a paper from his Masters Research Thesis.

Fire Safe Prototype Timber-FRP Hybrid Glulam Beam – Exploratory Studies
Bernabe Solis, Abdulrahman Zaben, David Lange, Dilum Fernando, and Cristian Maluk

The main activity related to the application of FRP composites to the built environment commenced in the late 1980s. Since then, the majority of research has been concentrated on the application of FRP composites for the repair and strengthening of structures, although research on FRP in new construction has increased significantly within the last 15 years. The development of appropriate fire engineering design guidelines has been lacking. Such standards are crucial to achieving wider acceptance and utilisation of composites in construction.

With the main focus on the application of design methods and limitations for structures, the conference delegates were also aware of the importance of fire performance of the FRP composites in construction and how crucial it is to find an efficient solutions to increase the fire resistance in order to complete and legalize the design standards, facilitate easier implementation and also meaningful impact to society.


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