Short course on Structural Fire Engineering at IIT Delhi

Dr David Lange and Dr Cristian Maluk spent two weeks at the end of 2019 delivering a short course in Fire Safety Engineering at IIT Delhi in India. Organised as part of an ongoing SPARC project collaboration with Professor Vasant Matsagar and Associate Professor Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, the course was aimed at practising engineers as well as researchers and post graduate students. There will be another course as part of the same project later in 2020, which aims to build on some of the concepts introduced here.

We also had the pleasure after the course of visiting IIT Madras as well as one of the newest IIT’s in India, in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. At IIT Mandi we participated in the 7th International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation.


A very worthwhile trip, this was an opportunity to cement existing relationships as well as to identify new partnerships. We’d like to thank Akshay Baheti and Vasant Matsagar from IIT Delhi for the organisation of the visit, as well as Professor S Varunkumar of IIT Madras and Associate Professor Sandip Kumar Saha from IIT Mandi for kindly hosting us.

Akshay is also a PhD student in the UQIDAR, supervised by David and Vasant, and we’re looking forward to hosting him at UQ from June of this year to continue his studies!


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