UQFire says present @ 13th IAFSS

During these unprecedented times, we start a new academic semester and continue to work on research studies at UQFire. While we hope our colleagues from around and their love ones are staying safe, we feel for not meeting them at the postponed 2020 IAFSS and we look forward to attend the 13th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (Waterloo, Canada) on April 26 – 30th, 2021. We are very excited to see research articles from UQFire, to be presented during IAFSS are already published in Fire Safety Journal.

1. Cuevas J, Torero JL, and Maluk C (2020) Flame extinction and burning behaviour of timber under varied oxygen concentrations

2. Gorska C, Hidalgo JP, and Torero JL (2020) Fire dynamics in mass timber compartments

3. Gupta V, Hidalgo JP, Cowlard A, Abecassis-Empis C, Majdalani AH, Maluk C, and Torero JL (2020) Ventilation effects on the thermal characteristics of fire spread modes in open-plan compartment fires

4. Le QX, Torero JL, Dao VTN (2020) Stress–strain–temperature relationship for concrete

5. Lucherini, Hidalgo JP, Torero JL, and Maluk C (2020) Influence of heating conditions and initial thickness on the effectiveness of thin intumescent coatings 

6.  Maluk C, Tignard J, Ridout A, Clarke T, and Winterberg R (2020) Experimental study on the fire behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete used in tunnel applications 

7. McLaggan MS, Hidalgo JP, Carrascal J, Heitzmann MT, Osorio AF, and Torero JL (2020) Flammability trends for a comprehensive array of cladding materials

8. Pope I, Hidalgo JP, and Torero JL (2020) A correction method for thermal disturbances induced by thermocouples in a low-conductivity charring material

9. Ramadhan ML, Zarate S, Carrascal J, Osorio AF, and Hidalgo JP (2020) Effect of fuel bed size and moisture on the flammability of Eucalyptus saligna leaves in cone calorimeter testing

10. Solarte A, Numapo J, Do T, Bolanos A, Hidalgo JP, and Torero JL (2020) Understanding fire growth for performance based design of bamboo structures

11. Wiesner F, Deeny S, and Bisby LA (2020) Influence of ply configuration and adhesive type on cross-laminated timber in flexure at elevated temperatures

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