Dr Vinny Gupta

We are pleased to announce that Dr Vinny Gupta is joining the Fire Safety Engineering Research Group at The University of Queensland as a part-time lecturer. Vinny will provide valuable teaching contributions in the fields of fire dynamics and combustion.

His expertise in these subjects, especially on the fire dynamics for large open-plan compartments where fires can transition between different modes of spread, which was the focus of his recently completed PhD at UQ, make him a perfect addition to our team. During his PhD studies, Vinny gained extensive experience in broad areas such as large-scale mass timber compartment fire experiments, façade flammability and in fire modelling.

He will be an integral part of the recently launched Master of Engineering Science degree in Fire Safety Engineering. He also works as a research associate at the University of Sydney within the Clean Combustion Group led by Prof. Asaad Masri, where he provides critical contributions in experimental combustion, focusing on turbulent fire dynamics, fire suppression and chemical inhibition of fires using advanced laser-based diagnostics. He has led the development of novel burners for buoyant fires and vertical wall fires that facilitate detailed diagnostics to characterise the fundamental processes governing fires and their control, while also developing a high-fidelity database to validate modern computational fire codes.

Vinny’s current research interests includes fire dynamics, compartment fires, cladding material flammability, mass timber buildings, numerical modelling, diagnostic development, and fire suppression.

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