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Postgraduate qualifications

There are many different types of postgraduate qualification available to study in the UK. Below is a comprehensive list of the qualifications available, ranging from basic MAs and PhDs through to more career-specific qualifications such as MBAs and PGCEs. The type of postgraduate qualification you choose to study will have a significant impact on your next step (whether it’s a first job or further study), so it’s important to think carefully before selecting a course.

Choose a Masters

Eight Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started My Masters

Starting a postgraduate course can be daunting, especially if you choose to move to a different city to

Studying a Master's Degree - What to Expect

Wondering what to expect when it comes to studying a Master’s course? If you have finished your

Choose an MBA

Get MBA Careers Ready; the power of networking

Why networking is a crucial component of the Master of Business Administration and key to your future

Why study for a postgraduate business degree

The business world is expansive and highly competitive, which is why postgraduate degrees in business

Choose a PGCE

Guide to the PGCE

A PGCE, short for Postgraduate Certificate in Education, is a higher-level postgraduate certificate

What is a PGCE?

Thinking about becoming a teacher but not sure what qualification you’ll need to do so? The PGCE is a

Choose a PhD

Staying motivated on a PhD

There will be times during your PhD where you feel like you lack motivation. Studying for these degrees

Guide to PhD degrees

An PhD, short for the Latin philosiphiae doctor, is a research-intensive qualification and the highest

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